It's Time To Train Smarter, Not Harder!!

Top doctors, athletes and nutritionists agree that Vic's Natural Training program is the best and most complete "natural" muscle building program in the world. Victor Costa possesses the unique talent to originate, communicate, and educate unlike any trainer before him. Victor's unique training methods are the most effective for building natural muscle and reducing body-fat safely, with less effort, in less time, and with less wear and tear on the body.

Victor Costa's unique understanding of the human body has led to a collaboration with a NASA scientist to develop the most sophisticated "natural" muscle building program in the world. You don't need heavy weights!! In fact, you might not even break a sweat!!! And, you will build muscle and lose fat faster!!!

  1. The program includes Vic's interactive audio training-for gym, Vic's Natural Classic workout video and the Darn Good Band Workout that you can use in the gym or at home.

  2. Remarkable meal planning technology created by a NASA scientist (demo on next page).

  3. An "All-In-One" performance supplement that dissolves under your tongue, created by a top clinical scientist that serves as a pre and post workout recovery catalyst.
Victor Costa

Natural bodybuilder Victor Costa
Body weight: 181 lbs. 6% body fat

Victor Costa

Victor Costa competing in the NPC against drugged competitiors and winning. See Vic's drug test

Chris Pedersen Testimonial

You might be impressed with Chris Pedersen's before and after pictures, but they are actually even more impressive than you can imagine!

This is not the case of an athlete who was once in shape let himself get out of shape for a "before" picture. Chris had never worked out before. Chris decided he was going to get in shape. He used Vic's Natural Training program, the precise training you are about to do, and these were his results.

At the time these "after" pictures were taken, Chris had only trained for a total of 55 hours in his life. He completed Vic's 24 hour training program twice. A little more than 2 full days of training out of Chris's life have brought him to where he is today. Chris ate balanced meals, but did nothing drastic to achieve his transformation. You will think this is even more remarkable when you hear that Chris decided to stop drinking alcohol the very day that he decided to get in shape. Please enjoy his testimonial.

Testimonial disclaimer - Although we want you to achieve the same success as Chris Pedersen, we cannot represent or guarantee you will have the same results as Chris. Chris Pedersen's testimonial may not reflect the average user's experience with this program.

Chris Pedersen before

Chris Pedersen - Before

Chris Pedersen after

Chris Pedersen - After

Lass Lassiter III Testimonial

Lass Lassiter III is a top personal trainer. Lass's physique is both remarkable and natural. There are few trainers in the world that spend as much time studying as Lass.

Why is this testimonial so valuable? It is because it is from a professional in the industry. Professional trainers have the ability to see how various techniques work over a wide range of clients. You will rarely see testimonials from other professionals supporting another trainer's work. Unless, of course, that trainer has seen results with his clients and is honest and willing to do whatever it takes to help his clients achieve their goals.

It is Lass' willingness to align with that which help his clients most that makes him special and unique. This remarkable athlete and trainer uses the techniques in this program.

Lass Lassiter

Lass Lassiter - World Class Trainer

Lass Lassiter

Lass Lassiter - World Class Trainer

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